"It takes a village to raise a child"

This lovely Africa proverb is very much related to Migombani. Only in this case it is not raising a child but it takes a village to run a campsite. We cannot and will not operate Migombani Camp by ourselves. And therefore reach out to the surrounding communities in various ways.

Eco Camping

Sustainable tourism is very important to us and we do every effort to keep the environmental impact to a minimum. The camp has been constructed with local and natural materials. Thanks to being built on a rift, we have close access to a clear spring, making it possible to deliver high-quality drink water all year round. Solar power is used for the supply of electricity and warm water.

Moreover, we are mindful about reducing waste and implement recycling options where possible. Glass is being collected and delivered to Shanga, where disabled people create handmade jewellery and glassware from it. With plastic we support Dunia Designs, that transform it into a new alternative to timber, called 'greenwood'. And finally, food waste from the kitchen is being used to feed the animals in the village.

Social impact

Apart from the natural environment, we work closely with our neighbours making sure that they equally benefit from cultural tourism. The local community has been involved from the very first step of construction until providing fresh fruits and vegetables, the supply of other local products, waiting staff, guiding activities and much more.

We have installed special water taps for the Maasai that pass Migombani with their goats and cows, so they have access to water even in the dry months.

As Migombani Camp will develop in the future, we will set up new projects to aid and give back to the community. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any suggestions or wish to contribute in your own way!

Maasai warriors at Migombani Campsite