Cultural experiences

Cultural experiences

Observing the hippos while visiting Lake Manyara National Park or looking out for nocturnal wildlife during a night game drive is exciting. But meeting the people that live side by side those animals is just as fascinating.

The name Mto wa Mbu means “River of Mosquitos”. Discover the traditional way of life of the villagers, while you support a range of community projects at the same time. This does not only boost the economy of the village but also protects the environment, biodiversity and loss of valuable heritage. There is no better place to immerse yourself in the Tanzania culture than in Mto wa Mbu!


Market visit Mto wa Mbu

Duration: 0.5-1 hour

Take a stroll through the colorful market of Mto wa Mbu! Pass the small stands where a huge variety of products are being sold. From fresh fruits, vegetables and spices to handicrafts, meat and household products. You might find something you want to buy as well and try out your bargain skills.

The market visit can be perfectly combined with lunch at the local restaurant Fiesta.


Local fruit and vegetable market in Mto wa Mbu


Visit to local Maasai boma from Mama Yamath


Maasai Boma visit

Duration: 2-3 hours

A short drive from Mto wa Mbu will take you to a small, authentic Maasai boma. Here you can experience how the Maasai, a semi-nomadic tribe, live and prosper in an increasingly challenging environment. You will be welcomed by means of a ritual by the Maasai family, a symbol of your welcome to the region. During your visit you will enjoy a glimpse into their daily lives, traditions and habits so you can truly understand their way of living.


Local lunch at Fiesta

Duration: 1-2 hours

Enjoy a home-cooked meal in the local restaurant "Fiesta" (before "Micasa-es-casa"). From the terrace you will see young and old men transporting loads of banana bunches on the back of their bikes or pikipiki's (motorbike). You will watch the society unfold around you, from the cobbler repairing shoes next to the cook, the butchers and the bustling marketplace. And why not taking a stroll at the colorful market area afterwards?

Local lunch at Micasa-es-sucasa restaurant in Mto wa Mbu



Tuk tuk village ride in Mto wa Mbu


Tuk Tuk village ride

Duration: 2 hours

The tuk tuk village ride is a great activity if you would like to experience the village life but do not want to get tired. The motorbike is a popular mode of transport among the residents of Mto wa Mbu. So step into the 'bajaji' and let the driver take you around. From farms to local houses, along banana plantations and narrow murram roads. Because the sides are open you will not miss anything of the lively and colorful surroundings.

A tuk tuk can carry a maximum of three passengers sitting behind the driver. You can also combine a tuk tuk ride with the Miwaleni Waterfalls Hike, the adventurous Zipline or to the Maasai boma.


Tinga Tinga painting

Duration: 3-4 hours

Discover the artist in you and create your own Tinga Tinga African painting! Enjoy an outdoor painting class in a friendly village environment, while the local artist will guide you step by step through your painting.